DJs 2019

DJs 2019

Mick H (U.K.) // Andy Dyson (U.K.) // Pat Bleasdale (U.K.) // Henrik Åkerberg (Sweden) // Marc Forrest (Berlin) // Michael Fuchs (Offenbach) // Lazy (Aachen) // Frank Vip Hitman (Hamburg) // Holly Holzwarth (Hamburg) //  Thorsten Dietsche (Hamburg) // Baster (Hamburg) // Steff Christiansen (Flensburg) // Bendix (Hamburg) // Martin Soulstew  (Hamburg) // Ms. Phyllis (Hamburg) // Bella (Hamburg) // Bee Bee Boogie (Hamburg) // Martin Crout (Hamburg) // Debbie T. (U.K.) // Peter Sumner (U.K.) // Tony Smith (U.K.) // Richard Lodge (U.K.) // Dominik Schöll (Nürnberg) // Tolbert (Hamburg) // Jan Tarazi (Hamburg) // Ralf  Mehnert (Hamburg)

Mick H


Mick H got into soul music aged 13 around 1972 after being taken to a local soul night by Paul Robinson. Beeston Unity that was the start of a long soul venture which has took him djing from USA to Asia, Norway, Finland, Germany, Sweden., Spain.

He co promoted the rare Lifeline Allnighters for the last ten years with his good bud Andy Dyson. As well as resident. Nowadays he is hosting the Quality of Soul-Allnighter in Nottingham. Jock at Cleethorpes & Prestatyn and soulvation weekenders.

Started collecting records at an early age still at school, first original was a demo copy of Pointer Sisters „Send Him Back“ in 74 – it took three weeks paper round money to save up for it, £10 was a lot of money in 74 for a record! Mick collects all soul 45s from rare 60s to 70s funk, beat ballads etc. Looking forward to his first Hamburg weekend in October.

Favourite all time top five
1) Eddie Parker – I’m Gone
2) Major Harris – Call Me Tomorrow
3) Nurons – All Of My Life
4) Combinations – What Cha Gonna Do
5) Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore At Me

andy dyson


“Rewind back to 83/4 – the school youth club is the place to be. Judy Street, James Coit and Dobie Gray etc were pumping out of the speakers – the Northern heydays had been and gone, but so great was the pull of this fantastic music, we, the next generation fell for it instantly!

I go for all kinds of soul music fast, slow, old and new – my favourite style is the deep soul ballads … That said nothing compares to the traditional 60’s northern, custom made music for allnighters – two 45s that are joint number one in my all time favourites are Alice Clark – ‘You Hit Me’ and Lee Andrews ‘Never The Less’. I may bring them along with some more cutting edge stuff which is what I tend to concentrate on these days.

Looking forward to djing and adding Hamburg to the list of attended venues. Hope to see you all in the playground!”

Pat Bleasdale


Pat Bleasdale has been buying soul vinyl since the early sixties – family holidays in the USA were great opportunities to bring back early Motown stuff, including first 4 Tops and Temptations albums.

Still buying 50 years later :-), during which time she had further USA holidays with her husband Peter, finding (and no doubt missing ) many 45s and albums.

Pat fell into djing more or less by chance, but she loves it and has been privileged to play at various venues throughout the UK and Europe.

Henrik Åkerberg

HENRIK ÅKERBERG (Sweden / The Pacemaker – Rhythm and Soul Club)

Henrik has an almost lifelong interest in music. The journey began in the very early years (fresh from the uterus) when his father sang Swedish traditional drinking songs at family gatherings. 😉 15 years ago he finally started sharing his life’s musical souvenirs at a local Tiki Bar in Stockholm. His sets back then was a mix of 50s and 60s exotic crossover sounds from almost any genre from that era. Today his main interest is in rare late 50s and early 60s R&B and Soul, but you can still hear a glimpse of that exotic sound that once formed his dj take off.

This has taken him to various places djing around Europe including England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Denmark.

He runs The Pacemaker – Rhythm and Soul Club in Stockholm together with his dear friend Marcus Hjoberg. The club has over the years had great R&B/Soul guest dj celebrities from all over Europe.

He is really looking forward coming back to Hamburg, one of his favourite cities in the world.

Marc Forrest

MARC FORREST (Berlin / Hip City Soul Club)

Marc Forrest started DJing kind of accidentally at the former Mod Club Sigmundshof on New Year’s Eve 1986. He is regularly and exclusively playing soul music ever since as well as running the Hip City Soul Club Berlin since 1990. He almost went broke with the first German Soul Weekender which took place in 1990. He also did fanzines like “r&b time” and “Grapevine” as well as the radio shows “Soulful Shoes” (Radio 100) and “Harlem Shuffle” from the late 1980s to the mid 90s. After his first gig in London in 1991 he successfully played regular spots in Manchester, London’s 100 Club and the scandinavian soul nations Sweden and Norway.
“gimme two blocks line ’cause baby it’s r&b time”

Marc Forrest legt seit einem eher zufällig geborenen Engagement im damaligen Berliner Mod Keller Sigmundshof zum Silvesterfest 1986 regelmäßig und ausschließlich Soul auf. Seit 1990 veranstaltet er regelmäßig den Hip City Soul Club Berlin. 1990 trieb er sich beinahe mit dem ersten deutschen Soul Weekender in den Ruin. Bereits Ende der achtziger bis in die neunziger Jahre hinein kamen noch Fanzine Projekte wie etwa „r&b time“ und „grapevine“ wie auch eigene wöchentliche Radiosendungen wie „soulful shoes“ (radio 100) und „Harlem shuffle“ (MDR) hinzu. Nach dem ersten Gig in London 1991 hat er bereits erfolgreich regelmäßig in Manchester, Londons 100 Club und den skandinavischen Soulnationen Schweden und Norwegen aufgelegt.
„gimme two blocks line ’cause baby it’s r&b time“

Michael Fuchs


Musical revelation: 1987 Curtis Mayfield, playing live at St. Petri Church in Frankfurt/Main.
Since 1990 regular attendances at nightly competitive dancing events in North Britains’ former coal mining region, first as a guest, later also as a DJ.
Until 2002 co-promoter of the “Turnin’ Your Heartbeat Up” Soulweekender in Nürnberg.

Later on spent a couple of years in celtic exile, musically appearances at “Sleepless Nights” in Dublin et al.
Tonal home in 60s uptempo Northern Soul, also Crossover and Deep Soul.
Two and four quarter step. Punkrock. Apfelwein (Frankfurt’s version of cider). Kickers Offenbach.
Not married, no kids, no facebook friends.

Musikalisches Erweckungserlebnis: 1987 Curtis Mayfield live in der St. Peterskirche zu Frankfurt/M..
Ab 1990 regelmäßiger Besuch und später auch gelegentliches Gastspiel bei nächtlichen
Tanzsportveranstaltung in der ehemaligen Bergbauregion Nordbritanniens.
Bis 2002 Co-Promoter des „Turnin‘ Your Heartbeat Up“-Soulweekenders in Nürnberg.

Später einige Jahre im keltischen Exil, musikalisches Wirken u.a. bei „Sleepless Nights“ in Dublin.
Klanglich beheimatet im 60s uptempo Northern Soul, aber auch Crossover und Deep Soul.
Zwei- und Vierviertel-Takt. Punkrock, Apfelwein, Kickers Offenbach.
Nicht verheiratet, keine Kinder, keine Facebook-Freunde.


LAZY (Aachen)

Handsome Hubert from the imperial city Aachen. Provides soul music for happy dancing moments until the early morning. Alemannia Aachen since 1992. Magic Potion Allnighter since 2002. Aachen Soul Weekender since 2006. Miscellaneous guest performances at home and abroad as well as in the republic’s metropolises (e.g. Emmerich and Ochtrup) and also in cities like Munich, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg.

Schöner Hubert aus der Kaiserstadt. Sorgt mit Soulmusik für glückliche Tanzmomente bis in den frühen Morgen. Alemannia Aachen since 1992. Magic Potion Allnighter since 2002. Aachen Soul Weekender since 2006. Diverse Gastspiele im benachbarten In- und Ausland sowie in den Metropolen der Republik (z.B. Emmerich und Ochtrup) aber auch in Städten wie München, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg.

FRANK VIPHITMAN (Hamburg / Northern Soul Allnighter@Motte)

When grandma’s music shack stopped cooking up that lovely soul stew and the illegal dances were truly a thing of the past, the only way to get some of that sweet soul music was to Go West. Suddenly Granny’s crumble pie as well as the crumbling wall made life then oh so very sweet indeed. This time with the ok from the boys in blue and no planned escape route laid out just in case, the Chain Gang Soundsystem and The Northern Soul Family Allnighter in Hamburg were now Right On Brothers!!!!

After that, somehow a daytrip to London in 1996 turned into a decade of all kind of silliness. The odd backroom of a restaurant, where all sorts of things were dropped including vegetables & records, was just one of dem shebeens. Other places where the good old stomper was played next to some Jamaican wax by yours truly was Stereotonic, Copasetic Soundsystem, Reggae Shack and Mint. The last few years were spent either before, behind but very rarely underneath the decks @ For Dancers Only, Kings’n’Queens Sea Cruise, Atomic Cafe, Roter Salon, Hamburg Alldayer and of course the Northern Soul Allnighter @ Motte in Hamburg!!!!

Als Omas Soul Platten nicht mehr ausreichten um die illegalen Tanzveranstaltungen zum Kochen zu bringen, brauchte man nun den Stoff direkt aus dem gelobten Abendland. Nun gab es endlich nicht nur Löcher im Käse, sondern auch einige in der dicken Wand und ab ging die Polonäse auch mal durch Blankenese. Diesmal aber ganz offiziell und ohne abenteuerliche Geschichten mit dem Chain Gang Soundsystem und dem Northern Soul Family Allnighter in Hamburg.

Anno 1996 war dann Stunde X!!!! Aus einem Tagesausflug wurden dann mal eben 11 Jahre London. Der Stereotonic Club, Reggae Shack, Mint, Copasetic Soundsystem und das eine oder andere italienische Hinterzimmer eines Restaurants waren nicht nur Orte für hektische Handbewegungen, sondern auch für musikalische Höheflüge und den ein oder anderen Backdrop. In den letzten Jahren kamen die 45ziger dann öfters bei For Dancers Only, Kings’n’Queens Sea Cruise, Atomic Cafe, Roter Salon, Hamburg Alldayer und natürlich beim Northern Soul Allnighter in der Motte in Hamburg zum Einsatz.

Holly Holzwarth

HOLLY HOLZWARTH (Hamburg / 45° Degrees)

Holly started into the soul scene as a dancer. In the mid nineties she regularly attended the Soul Allnighters @ Kir and later The Shelter Club in Hamburg, because the music they played simply was the best music to dance to.

Been a dj for a couple of years already, Holly finally started playing her first soul records as “The Mrs HaleBobs – an exploration in sound” with her partner in crime Imke Keyssler at the Komet bar in Hamburg.

In 2010 she became a member of 45° Degrees, the dj collective that took her to cities with a big B, such as Barcelona and Berlin, and this year also to Bamberg. Together with her three mates Ms Phyllis, Inger and Simone Schneider they run a regular nighter at Molotow club with guest djs from all over Europe.

Holly has a soft spot for crossover soul, but also for 60s and 70s songs that get to your feet and grab your soul.

“I am excited like mad and can’t wait to play at this year’s Hamburg Soul Weekender.“

Thorsten Dietsche & Stefan Christiansen


Their love for old vinyl grew only recently, but very soon Stef Christiansen and Thorsten Dietsche were given their first opportunities for spinning their records to an audience. And they discovered that it is much more fun to do this together. In 2011 they founded the Cool Cat Club in Flensburg, which in the meantime has found it’s second home at the Komet Bar in Hamburg. Musically speaking the both of them are moving between 50s and 60s, mixing Rhythm & Blues and Popcorn with related sounds from this time. They are very happy to play their favourite R&B records once more at the Hamburg Soul Weekender No. 13.

Aus einer spät gefundenen Liebe zu altem Vinyl ergaben sich für Stef Christiansen und Thorsten Dietsche erste Gelegenheiten zum Auflegen und die Entdeckung, dass dies zu zweit viel mehr Spaß bringt. Es folgte vor 4 Jahren die Gründung des Cool Cat Clubs in Flensburg, der mittlerweile seine zweite Heimat im Komet in Hamburg gefunden hat. Musikalisch bewegen sich die beiden zwischen 50s und 60s, mischen Rhythm & Blues und Popcorn mit artverwandten Sounds aus dieser Zeit. Sie freuen sich riesig, mit ihren Lieblings-R&B-Platten Gast beim Hamburg Soulweekender Nr. 13 wieder dabei zu sein.


BASTER (Hamburg / The Cole Slaw Club)

In Hamburg he is well-known as former host and resident DJ of the “For Dancers Only” Allnighters and besides he owns a music-bar in St. Pauli called “Komet”. If he is not mixing drinks at his bar, he indulges himself in his passion for “oldie” music. Baster loves danceable R’n’B, he is looking forward to the Hamburg Soul Weekender and – according to his own proclamation – he fancies a “Schnaps” once in a while.

Baster wird gerade den Hamburger Gästen als ehemaliger Stamm-DJ der „For Dancers Only“ Allnighter und Inhaber der „Komet“ Musikbar auf St. Pauli bekannt sein. Wenn Baster gerade einmal keine Drinks mixt, geht er seiner eigentlichen Leidenschaft, dem Auflegen von „Oldie“ Musik nach. Er liebt tanzbaren R’n’B, freut sich sehr auf den kommenden Weekender in Hamburg und trinkt nach eigenem Bekunden gern Schnaps!

BENDIX KROHN (Hamburg / Disco Dudes)

Born in Kiel, raised in Cologne Bendix’s love for music and vinyl started in the early 80ties with rap. Through the samples in hip hop his interest in soul, funk and jazz grew steadily.

The love for 45s finally inflamed since at least 2000, when he moved to Hamburg. Since then Bendix is spinning records, mostly modern soul and boogie, in pubs and clubs. Among them the Mojo Club, Komet, Golden Pudel and Molotow.

For 17 years he was also a resident in the legendary Sorgenbrecher. With Inger and Paco he formed the Delicous Biscuits DJ team which organized one of the first Modern & Disco Nighters in Hamburg.

Nowadays he is djing with Jan Boche aka Doc Schlucki in the GIL basement in St. Pauli. A small private club to which they invite good friends as Tolbert and Lars Bulnheim, who aren’t afraid of soul from the late 70ties and early 80ties. Bendix’s DJ sets show his love for uptempo. A good friend of his calls this style “Jagdwurst” (Hunter’s bologna). That says it all.

“My first time at the Hamburg Soul Weekender will be in the modern room. And yes, I like beer, too.”

10 favourite songs:

Sun – Dance (Do What You Wanna Do) (Capitol)
Al Mason – Good Lovin (Bunky)
D.J. Rogers – Love Cycles (ARC)
Ozone – Our Hearts (Will Always Shine) (Motown)
The McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night (Capitol)
La Voyage – Never Lookin Back (Trans A)
Champaign – Can You Find The Time (CBS)
Joan Biblioni Band – The Boogie (Blau)
Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor (RCA)
L.J. Reynolds – Trust In Me (Capitol)

Geboren in Kiel, aufgewachsen in Köln fing Bendixs Liebe zur Musik und Vinyl in den frühen 80ern mit Rap an. Über die Samples im Hip-Hop wuchs sein Interesse an Soul, Funk und Jazz stetig. Spätestens mit dem Umzug 2000 nach Hamburg war die Liebe zur 7-inch endgültig entflammt. Seitdem legt er Platten, zumeist Modern Soul und Boogie, in Kneipen und Clubs auf. Darunter im Mojo Club, Hafenklang, Komet, Golden Pudel Club und Molotow. Davon fast 17 Jahre als Resident im legendären Sorgenbrecher. Mit Inger und Paco bildete Bendix lange das Delicious Biscuits DJ-Team und veranstaltete einen der ersten Modern & Disco-Nighter in Hamburg. Aktuell bespielt er mit Jan Boche den Keller des Gil auf St. Pauli. Als „Disco Dudes“ laden sie befreundete DJs ein, die keine Angst vor Soul aus den späten 70ern bis frühen 80ern haben. In seinen DJ-Sets zeigt sich die Liebe zu Uptempo-Nummern. Wie nennt ein sehr guter Freund seinen Stil: Jagdwurst. Das beschreibt alles.
„Mein erstes Mal beim HH Soul Weekender gebe ich im Modern Floor. Und ja, Bier mag ich auch.“

MARTIN SOULSTEW (Hamburg/The Soul Stew Radio Show)

While music already played a big part from an early age, it was the passion of soul music that made an impact in Martin’s life in the 1980s. And it has remained the core interest of his collection ever since.

After having played out regularly in clubs around his hometown – he focusses on his local radio show “Soul Stew” for more than 20 years now playing northern and modern with a nod to other soulful styles from the past and present.

As a regular guest at the Hamburg Weekender on the floor, Martin is looking for his first 30 Minutes of Fame at the decks in 2019.

my phyllis

MS PHYLLIS (Hamburg / 45° Degrees)

About 14 years ago Ms Phyllis began to collect vinyl and started djing. She started with 60s Beat, Soul and Reggae tunes, but then focussed on Soul 45s. Her favourites are Soul, Latin Soul and Funk from the late sixties till the mid seventies, but she also loves to play Northern Soul and R’n’B, depending on her mood and on the audience she is playing for.

Ms Phyllis founded several Clubs and Allnighters in Leipzig and Hamburg and also had some guest spots, mainly in Germany and Spain.

“For me a record does not have to be super rare or belong to a special style of soul music … as long as it touches me it’ll have a place in my box.”

Since 2010 Ms Phyllis is part of the dj collective “45° Degrees” – a group of four female djs with a regular Nighter here in Hamburg at the Molotow Club, located at the Reeperbahn, St. Pauli.

Top 5:
Philharmonics – I Need, I Need Your Love (Soulin)
Eboney Essence – Let Me In (Goodie Train)
Ray Barretto – Right On (Fania)
The Lollipops – Love Is The Only Answer (RCA)
Little Beaver – Listen To My Heartbeat (Cat)


BELLA (Hamburg)

It’s been some years now that Bella is playing her favourite records in bars and clubs – first in Stuttgart, followed by England and currently in Hamburg. In her record collection you will find a wide variation of genre, mostly funk, soul, jazz, boogie and disco.

Bella’s favourite spins at the moment:
1) Brown Sugar – I’m going through changes now
2) Jo Tongo – Piani
3) Power Source Band – Joy
4) Gregory  Andre – I want to be with you
5) Goodie – Dancin free

Bella legt seit einigen Jahren ihre Lieblingsscheiben in den Bars und Clubs der Stadt auf – erst in Stuttgart, dann in England und jetzt in Hamburg. In ihrer Plattensammlung finden sich viele unterschiedliche Genre, aber das meiste davon ist Funk, Soul, Jazz, Boogie und Disco.

bee bee boogie


Bine … or better:

B  bubbly
I   intensive
N  nervous (before each set)
E  explosive

Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Leipzig, Kiel and Hamburg, within this framework she feels at home … until now. 🙂

Bine … oder anders gesagt:

B  Beschwingt
I    Intensiv
N  Nervös (vor jedem Set)
E  Explosiv

Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Dresden, Leipzig, Kiel und Hamburg, der kleine Rahmen ist ihr zu Hause … bis jetzt. 🙂


MARTIN CROUT (Hamburg / The More Soul Show)

Martin Crout belongs to the dinosaurs of the Hamburg soul scene and is looking very much forward to playing the Hamburg djs special room this year. His last set at this event has now been exactly 10 years ago. Martin is radio presenter on Tide Radio with his “The More Soul Show”, he also loves long board skating, excessive dancing and collecting records, with a weakness for contemporary soul releases.

Martin Crout gehört zu den Urgesteinen der Hamburger Soul Szene und er freut sich sehr, in diesem Jahr im Hamburg DJs Special Raum aufzulegen. Sein letztes Set beim Weekender liegt exakt 10 Jahre zurück. Martin ist Radiomoderator (Tide Radio, The More Soul Show), Longboardskater, Dauertänzer und Plattensammler, mit einem zarten Faible für aktuelle Soulveröffentlichungen.

Debbie T


Having attended her first all nighter in the late 70s, Debbie’s passion and love for all types of soul music as a collector and now a DJ is the same 40 years on. She has been lucky enough to DJ at many venues across the UK in the last few years, including Rare Soul Weekenders.

“It’s a real honour to be asked to DJ at the all dayer at this year’s Hamburg Soul Weekender.”

Current spins

Patty Stokes – Is It True – Miradon
Emmitt Long – Call Me – Donoyia
Kings Of Soul – Is Your Love – Down To Earth
Jeanie Tracy – Making New Friends – Brown Door
Vee Gees – Talkin – Jump Off
Barbara St Clair – Teacherman – Crosseyed Bear
Voltaire’s – My My My Baby – Bacone
Dolly Gilmore – Sweet Baby – Dove
Sonny Til – I Gave It All Up – Clown
Ray And The Blue Satins – She Doesn’t Love Me – A R V

Peter Sumner


From his early years as a mod and later simply as a soul boy, Peter has had a love for soul music for over 40 years and is still an avid collector of original vinyl. Only starting to DJ in the last 5 years, Peter now co-promotes and is a resident DJ at Ashby Connoiseur’s Soul Club in the UK and guests at other venues when asked.

“I have attended many previous Soul Weekenders in Hamburg and feel it an honour to be asked to DJ this year and am extremely excited to have the opportunity to play favorites tunes like the following from my current playbox:”

William Cummings – Make my love a hurting thing
George Hobson – Let it be real
Bitter & the Sweet – I won’t have any babies for you
Kelly & the Soul Explosions – Talkin about my baby’s love
Minnie Jones – Shadow of memory
Four Tracks – Like my love for you
Richard Marks – Love is gone
Billy Byrd – Lost in the crowd
Sugar Hill – Slowdown
Lee Bracket – Ruby

Tony Smith


Tony Smith started to get into soul music circa 1982 after the mod scene faded, but he didn’t start venturing out to soul venues til a few years later. He started attending venues such as Fleetwood and Prestatyn weekenders, dayers/nighters such as New Century (Manchester), Keele University 100 club (London), Ponds Forge and Horti Club (Sheffield) plus many others. Not forgetting of course Hamburg, which is now a regular event.
Tony started collecting records about 15 years ago, the first one being Baby Washington’s That’s how heartaches are made and he now collects 60’s–70’s Soul 45’s and albums.
He got into DJing by chance when he was asked to bring a box of records to play at a birthday night at the Horti Soul Club, which led to a guest spot and it just went from there.
Tony has played at venues such as Mulberry Soul Sessions at Sheffield, The Rifle Club @ Whitby Weekender, Dotties soul nights at Pickering, Talk of the Grapevine at Beverley, The Horse and Groom at Doncaster and other local events.

“To be invited to play at Hamburg this year is a privilege as it is an event I attend and enjoy year in year out. I look forward to seeing you all in October.”

Current Spins
Ella Woods – I need your love
Pat and the Blenders – Just because
The Impressions – We must be in love
Satisfaction Unlimited – Let’s change the subject now baby
Idris Muhammad – I’m a believer
Unique Blend – Mommy and daddy
Bernard Dupree – You’re gonna miss me
Choice of Colour – Your love
Masterpiece – Love affair
Flame n King – Ho happy day


Text is soon to come …

DOMINIK SCHÖLL (Nürnberg / Nürnberg Soul Weekender)

“I remember I first discovered the Modern Room in Cleethorpes in 1999, before dancing to the male vocal groups was my favorite thing, ever since my heart beats for crossover, 70ties and modern soul. It was followed by trips to 100 Club, Prestatyn and Llandudno. Promoting the Nürnberg Soulweekender is a great honour and pleasure for me, just as playing records on our regular Zentralcafe Soulnight and sometimes in my favorite city Hamburg.”

TOLBERT (Hamburg)

Host of the Alldayer
Gastgeber des Alldayers

The Jan

JAN TARAZI (Hamburg / The Soul Seven)


Ralf Mehnert