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Arthur Fenn (U.K.) // Kevin Higham (U.K.) // Paul Grant (Ireland) // Lars Bulnheim (Austria) // Alberto Zanini (Italy) // Laurent Rèus (Portugal) // Michael Fuchs (Offenbach) // Finn Johannsen (Berlin) // Polly Jones (Berlin) // Lazy (Aachen) // Ozi Celik (Nuremberg) // Marcus Kaffenberger (Darmstadt) // Thorsten Dietsche (Hamburg) // Baster (Hamburg) // Frank Viphitman (Hamburg) // Debbie T. (U.K.) // Andreas Dienel (Sweden) // Peter Sumner (U.K.) // Richard Lodge (U.K.) // Tolbert (Hamburg) // Jan Tarazi (Hamburg) // Ralf  Mehnert (Hamburg)



My journey started in late 72, going to the local youth club & hearing incredible records like Maxine Brown „One in a Million“ & Duke Browner „Crying“. Then to odd nights out of town when my parents would let me 😎

The first 45’s I bought direct from the States were in mid 73 a dealer called Bob Cataneo (Daly City Bob) sold me The Montclairs „Hung Up“ – Nancy Wilson „End of our Love“ & Eugene Jefferson „Pretty Girl Dressed in Brown“ for $2 each, I was so excited!

By 74 I had a „Hot Box“ which I’d take around to different clubs to trade or even play if they’d let me. One of the clubs was the Central Soul Club in Leeds and with a friend of mine we would play for an hour before the residents Frank (Ian Dewhirst) & Twink would arrive. On one of these night Frank was coming down the stairs & I played what was then the very first known copy of The Four Perfections „I’m not strong enough“. His face was a picture & we laugh about it to this day.

My first trip to The States was in 76 when I went with 4 mates, mainly for a holiday but we secretly hoped to find records, we did ok & I wanted more. 2 years passed before I could afford to go again.
My first „proper“ gigs (1978/79) were at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens (all dayers) & The Fleet @ Peterborough (all nighters) & doing these made me realise I had to up my game & get my own records. I was lucky to go back to America on record trips about once a year through the late 70’s & 80’s. I’d work hard to find my own exclusives & I would trade oldies I found with The Legend that was John Anderson at Soul Bowl for new sounds.

My style has always been slightly eclectic, loving 60’s thru to early 80’s. This came through going to the incredible Blackpool Mecca in 74-76 when the DJ’s Colin Curtis & Ian Levine would play unknowns & current releases side by side, fantastic times for many young soul lovers!
My first experience of playing outside the UK was in 2003 when I was asked to guest at Frankfurt, I ended up playing there at least 10 times & have had the pleasure of playing lots of the great clubs throughout Europe.

I am honored to be playing in Hamburg, it’s a weekend that has excited so many people over so many years & to be a small part of it makes me so happy!
See you all there & let’s party! xx

Current 5 favs
The Original Matadors – Just tell her Goodbye
The Syndicate of Sound Inc – Make Believe you Love me
The Tiarras – Foolish Girl
Smoke Inc – Waitin for Love
The Carbon Copies – Just don’t love you



Kevin Higham is rooted in the Rare Soul Scene, having developed a love of classic and lesser played tunes via the mod revival scene in the eighties. Always hunting 45s and pleased to hear something new, these days focussed on a narrowed collection and djing. Pleased to play a broad variety of styles but primarily; Northern Oldies, Rare and Underplayed and a mix of Crossover/70ts. Co-runs Face Book forums for Sales/Wants/Valuations and YouTube under the banner Rare Music Direct.
Following a debut at United Sounds Of Soul (via Kevin Spittle) has since gone on to play Aberdeen Allnighter, Edinburgh Weekender, Skegness Weekender, Stoke Second Room, Rugby Soul Club, Va Va-London, Southampton Alldayer, Farnborough, Empty Bottles-Leeds, Go Go Children-Bristol, St Ives Weekender, Bridgewater, Cinderford, Soulvation, Too Darn Soulful-Brighton, Soul Kitchen–Tunbridge Wells, South of France Weekender and the iconic 100 Club.

Having attended the Hamburg weekenders over the years as a guest and after djing in 2017, Kevin feels honoured to be asked again to play his records.



Paul Grant

PAUL GRANT (Ireland)

Paul Grant was seriously bitten by the vinyl bug over 30 years ago after discovering the strange world of Northern Soul through the Irish mod/scooter scene. His passion for hearing, discovering and collecting these records quickly turned into an obsession and he started dj’ing on a regular basis at soul events and scooter rallies around Ireland. This led to various guest spots at venues in Dublin, Wales, Belfast, Paris, London, Hamburg, Leeds, Burnley and Manchester (places that have inspired him and shaped his musical tastes over the years).

He likes to spin a variety of styles in his current sets with an emphasis on gritty and uptempo sounds and he still has that passion to make every set count.

For him it was an absolute pleasure dj’ing at the Hamburg Weekender a few times and he is thrilled to have the opportunity to do so again this year.


Lars Bulnheim


As former promoter and resident of the “Shelter Club” and “Soul at the Mandarin Casino” Hamburg’s local hero Lars Bulnheim, nowadays living in Austria, has his unique collection spinning for quite a few years now. But Lars is also a nationwide and even European constant, you will regularly find him on the line up of in-demand soul events such as the Nuernberg and the Rimini Soul Weekender, just to name two.

Though his musical focus is on 70s soul, excursions into the 60s are a natural part of his set. His magic touch in the selection of tunes and his feeling for the dancefloor guarantee exactly what a soul fan could wish for: danceable, stirring and soulful music!


ALBERTO ZANINI (Italy / Cannonball Records)

Alberto hails from Carpi, northern Italy. He started his soulful journey as a young mod sometime around the early eighties. He soon began collecting rare Black American music on original 45’s and his is passion eventually lead him to build quite an eclectic collection which he loves to spin at weekenders and parties all over Europe and abroad. Since quite a few years now he’s been running a leading group of record labels, putting out tons of unissued recordings of unknown artists and contributing to feed the scene with essential new sounds. He’s also an author with a great book out, Funk Investigators, that recounts about traveling unknown places around the world on a quest to find the ultimate unissued gems. A new publication, Right On, is soon to be sent to prints.


Laurent Rèus

LAURENT RÈUS (Portugal / Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender)

French born DJ, digger & long time record dealer living in South Portugal. Accumulated a „decent“ collection of rare soul, funk, latin and modern soul records since the 90’s, I had the pleasure to make DJ appearances in some of the best Soul clubs & Weekenders all around Europe & Usa in the last 20 years.

Since 2016 I mainly focus on the organisation of Deep Cliffs Soul Weekender, located in South Portugal, every summer in July ( next edition : 14th-18th July 2022 )
More infos here:
or on facebook :

Very happy and excited to be back in Hamburg for the weekender, you can count on me to bring some soulful records for saturday’s alldayer .

Michael Fuchs


Musical revelation: 1987 Curtis Mayfield, playing live at St. Petri Church in Frankfurt/Main.
Since 1990 regular attendances at nightly competitive dancing events in North Britains’ former coal mining region, first as a guest, later also as a DJ.
Until 2002 co-promoter of the “Turnin’ Your Heartbeat Up” Soulweekender in Nürnberg.

Later on spent a couple of years in celtic exile, musically appearances at “Sleepless Nights” in Dublin et al.
Tonal home in 60s uptempo Northern Soul, also Crossover and eep Soul.
Two and four quarter step. Punkrock. Apfelwein (Frankfurt’s version of cider). Kickers Offenbach.
Not married, no kids, no facebook friends.

Finn Johannsen

FINN JOHANNSEN (Berlin / Paloma / Monarch)

DJ Profil vom ersten Hamburg Soul Weekender 2007

»Finn Johannsen geht so langsam auf die 40 zu und hat einen beträchtlichen Teil seines Lebens damit verbracht, Platten vornehmlich tanzbarer Art anzuhäufen, welche er seit geraumer Zeit in Clubs laut anderen Leuten vorspielt. Über das, was damit so zusammenhängt, schreibt er auch, in Zeitschriften wie der de:bug oder der Groove.«

Die 40 wurde mittlerweile dezent überschritten, die de:bug und die Groove gibt es unseres Wissens nach nicht mehr in Printform, aber der Rest trifft immer noch zu. Don’t miss his Saturday set in the Modern Soul room.


POLLY JONES (Berlin / Hysteric Disco)

”I´m Polly Jones from Berlin.
I`ve been collecting records for many years now. I love dancing and the dancers’ perspective certainly reflects in my djaying.
In a musical journey that has taken me from Punk to Jazz to Disco and Ballroom to House – Soul music in all it´s forms was always present and is my forever love.
I started djaying on London´s House scene of the late 80s and have been playing ever since….
I host my club HYSTERIC DISCO in Berlin and took it online in 2020.
I really enjoy playing at different allnighters and weekenders all over the world: at Cannonball Weekender in Carpi, Italy; Manchester Soul Weekender, Upon My Soul in Dresden, Germany, Let´s dance Some Mo`in Chester, UK and Rhythm, Soul & Funk Weekender in Exeter, UK.“



LAZY (Aachen)

Handsome Hubert from the imperial city Aachen. Provides soul music for happy dancing moments until the early morning. Alemannia Aachen since 1992. Magic Potion Allnighter since 2002. Aachen Soul Weekender since 2006. Miscellaneous guest performances at home and abroad as well as in the republic’s metropolises (e.g. Emmerich and Ochtrup) and also in cities like Munich, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg.


 Matt Fox

MATT FOX (Cologne)

Matt Fox hails from beautiful Cologne, Germany and loves soul music. Collecting for 20 years, his enthusiasm has never been greater! Music is his life and this is reflected in his love for all things soulful. Renowned for electric DJ sets, Fox collects and plays mainly 60s and 70s Northern, group harmonies, Crossover and Modern Soul, peppered with Funk, Gospel, R’n’B. Add in the groove of 80s Boogie and slower Steppers, a smattering of underplayed mid tempo acetates and unique feel good dancers that cover all the bases.

A dedicated digger, Fox goes far and wide in the hunt for OVO. His passion for digging on flea markets, record stores and diggin‘ trips make every bit of his soulful passion all the stronger. Starting with 50s –70s Jazz and late 70s & 80s Soul that was quite popular in Cologne back in the day, Fox’s collection reflects his varied and ever taste, access to records and the evolution of the scene.

The co-founder of Cologne’s »Soul City« (2010–2015), Fox has also played a number of nighters and weekenders across Europe and is a regular at the annual Dab Of Soul Weekender in Llandudno, North Wales.

Fox has publishing podcasts since 2008 (until today), in addition to his former radio show „Rare Rillen“. These can be found here:


OZI CELIK (Nuremberg / Nürnberg Soul Weekender)

Every december hundreds of dancecrazy people travel to Nürnberg to attend Germany’s longest serving Soul Weekender of which Osi is, since 2003, one of the organizers. Since 1998 he presents together with team mates the “Zentralcafé Soulnight” and “Reggae hits the town” and he also djs at Radio Z. Starting his dj career 25 years ago he has been invited to allnighters in Cologne, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, London, Lavarone and to the Baltic Soul Weekender. He is a big fan and collector of jamaican sounds a.k.a. reggae and ska, but he also collects midtempo soul from 1965 to 1975.


MARCUS KAFFENBERGER (Darmstadt / Top Shake Soulknights)

To keep the soul flag flying high, Marcus K has been hosting soul nighters in Darmstadt, Germany, since 2001 – followed by 10 years as a resident for soul parties at the Red Cat Club (Mainz, Germany) and at Stereobar (Frankfurt/Main, Germany). Since 2010, Marcus K keeps the nightlife of Darmstadt swinging with the event „Topshake Soulknights“ for which he also invites guest DJs from the scene.

Over the years, Marcus K has been allowed to put on a few records at soul nighters all over Germany. But not only there: He has also deejayed at nighters with his soulful colleagues in Finland, Latvia, Belgium and Brazil.

And the sound? As a rule, it doesn’t leave a dry eye or anyone sitting for long: From R’n’B to Northern Soul to Garage, the sets make for happy faces on the dance floor. And the drink turnover is usually right, too.

Mixcloud page:


THORSTEN DIETSCHE (Hamburg / Cool Cat Club)

Being a longtime guest dj in the Hamburg Soulweekender’s R’n’B room, Thorsten is very happy to take part again for this last time. He loves impulsive, sweaty R’n’B, but you can also find Soul, Latin and Funk in his record bag. Thorsten is a member of the Cool Cat Club Collective and he is one of the organisers of the Hitch Hike Hamburg Weekender. He is djaying regularly at his favourite bar, the »Komet« in St. Pauli, and from time to time in other places in Germany and abroad.


Als langjähriger Gast-DJ auf dem R’n’B Floor beim Hamburger Soul Weekender freut sich Thorsten auch bei diesem letzten Mal wieder dabei zu sein. Sein Herz schlägt seit vielen Jahren für treibenden, schwitzigen R’n’B, im Plattenkoffer sind aber immer auch Soul, Latin und Funk zu finden. Er ist Teil des Cool Cat Club Kollektivs und Mitveranstalter des Hitch Hike Hamburg Weekenders. Auflegen tut er regelmäßig in seiner Lieblingsbar, dem Komet auf St.Pauli, und gelegentlich auch an anderen tollen Orten im In- und Ausland.


BASTER (Hamburg / The Cole Slaw Club)

In Hamburg he is well-known as former host and resident DJ of the “For Dancers Only” Allnighters and besides he owns a music-bar in St. Pauli called “Komet”. If he is not mixing drinks at his bar, he indulges himself in his passion for “oldie” music. Baster loves danceable R’n’B, he is looking forward to the Hamburg Soul Weekender and – according to his own proclamation – he fancies a “Schnaps” once in a while.

FRANK VIPHITMAN (Hamburg / Soul Allnighter@Motte)

When grandma’s music shack stopped cooking up that lovely soul stew and the illegal dances were truly a thing of the past, the only way to get some of that sweet soul music was to Go West. Suddenly Granny’s crumble pie as well as the crumbling wall made life then oh so very sweet indeed. This time with the ok from the boys in blue and no planned escape route laid out just in case, the Chain Gang Soundsystem and The Northern Soul Family Allnighter in Hamburg were now Right On Brothers!!!!

After that, somehow a daytrip to London in 1996 turned into a decade of all kind of silliness. The odd backroom of a restaurant, where all sorts of things were dropped including vegetables & records, was just one of dem shebeens. Other places where the good old stomper was played next to some Jamaican wax by yours truly was Stereotonic, Copasetic Soundsystem, Reggae Shack and Mint. The last few years were spent either before, behind but very rarely underneath the decks @ For Dancers Only, Kings’n’Queens Sea Cruise, Atomic Cafe, Roter Salon, Hamburg Alldayer and of course the Northern Soul Allnighter @ Motte in Hamburg!!!!


Als Omas Soul Platten nicht mehr ausreichten um die illegalen Tanzveranstaltungen zum Kochen zu bringen, brauchte man nun den Stoff direkt aus dem gelobten Abendland. Nun gab es endlich nicht nur Löcher im Käse, sondern auch einige in der dicken Wand und ab ging die Polonäse auch mal durch Blankenese. Diesmal aber ganz offiziell und ohne abenteuerliche Geschichten mit dem Chain Gang Soundsystem und dem Northern Soul Family Allnighter in Hamburg.

Anno 1996 war dann Stunde X!!!! Aus einem Tagesausflug wurden dann mal eben 11 Jahre London. Der Stereotonic Club, Reggae Shack, Mint, Copasetic Soundsystem und das eine oder andere italienische Hinterzimmer eines Restaurants waren nicht nur Orte für hektische Handbewegungen, sondern auch für musikalische Höheflüge und den ein oder anderen Backdrop. In den letzten Jahren kamen die 45ziger dann öfters bei For Dancers Only, Kings’n’Queens Sea Cruise, Atomic Cafe, Roter Salon, Hamburg Alldayer und natürlich beim Northern Soul Allnighter in der Motte in Hamburg zum Einsatz.

Debbie T


Having attended her first all nighter in the late 70s, Debbie’s passion and love for all types of soul music as a collector and now a DJ is the same 40 years on. She has been lucky enough to DJ at many venues across the UK in the last few years, including Rare Soul Weekenders.

“It’s a real honour to be asked to DJ at the all dayer at this year’s Hamburg Soul Weekender.”


MS Dienel

ANDREAS DIENEL (Sweden / Stubborn Hearts Club)

Erste DJ Erfahrungen machte Andreas in Dresden ab 1993, damals noch im Bereich Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady, seine Leidenschaft für den Soul begann Ende der 90er und ließ ihn nicht mehr los.
Als Gründer des Breakdown Soulclubs und später der grandiosen Nighter Veranstaltungen Sun’N‘Soul und Slush‘N’Soul in Dresden machte sich Andreas einen Namen, damals noch als MS Dienel. 2008 zog ihn die Liebe und die Arbeit nach Schweden, mit einem 2jährigen Zwischenstopp in Philadelphia. Mittlerweile treibt er sein Unwesen beim Stubborn Heart Soul Club in Stockholm.

In den vergangenen Jahren konnte er bei internationale Northern Soul und Reggae Veranstaltungen in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleethorpes, Luzern, Oslo, Uppsala, Göteborg, Örebro und Gotland die Leute auf der Tanzfläche zum Kochen bringen. In Deutschland war er unter anderem in Leipzig, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt a. M., Berlin, Linz am Rhein, Potsdam, Nürnberg, Bamberg, Tübingen und Radebeul zu Gast.


Andreas Dienel /Stockholm, has more than two-decades-dj experience and likes to play the more difficult sounds; he lets others play the classic soul tunes, however, he knows how to keep the dancefloor vibrating. His love belongs undoubtedly to the 60’s, but sometimes moves into the 70’s. Born in Dresden, he is also wellknown as MS DIenel (music sevice) in the german soul scene and has djayed in nearly every important city in Germany and besides soul he is also dj and collector of early reggae, rock steady and ska. This weekend he will neglect the carribbean rhythms and makes us happy with his soul sounds solely.


Peter Sumner


From his early years as a mod and later simply as a soul boy, Peter has had a love for soul music for over 40 years and is still an avid collector of original vinyl. Only starting to DJ in the last 5 years, Peter now co-promotes and is a resident DJ at Ashby Connoiseur’s Soul Club in the UK and guests at other venues when asked.

“I have attended many previous Soul Weekenders in Hamburg and feel it an honour to be asked to DJ this year and am extremely excited to have the opportunity to play favorites tunes like the following from my current playbox:”




Text is soon to come …

TOLBERT (Hamburg)

Host of the Alldayer
Gastgeber des Alldayers

The Jan

JAN TARAZI (Hamburg)


Ralf Mehnert