Find out how some of our guests have experienced the Hamburg Soul Weekender.


There were 13 of us in our party and everyone had a whale of a time. The place was rammed on Friday and even busier on Saturday. The DJ’s had free hand and the music was across the board in both rooms … And across all genres there were some fantastic quality tunes played by all the DJ’s. Tolberts Saturday Alldayer was busier than last year and again some nice ’chill-out’ tunes went down well. A nice relaxing afternoon to have a drink, chat with friends and prepare for Saturday nights fun and mayhem. The hospitality and warmth showed to us was tremendous. Thanks for a fantastic weekend at one of Europe’s best Weekenders.

Mark Johnson


… wow … what a crackin’ weekend … many thanks to everybody who made it happen and to all the DJ’s who did a good job … really looking forward to 2010!!

Matt Fox


Top top top soul Weekender! Also, to have both rooms playing across the board was fantastic! I just couldn’t stop dancing!



I had a great time, the music was top all weekend and with the river boat trip to chill out on sunday makes the flight home so much better. I will be back next year.



Once more I have returned from Europe with my faith in Northern Soul restored! The fantastic hospitality and frienship shown to us by all the German Soulies! I thank you all.
I am walking about Edinburgh with a big smile on my face. Great tunes, great people, great memories!
Gutten Tag und ich liebe Sankt Pauli!

Roddy Brass


Wow, what another awsome Weekender1
Only 358 days until the next one.
Fantastic people, music and atmosphere, lots of laughs and beer!



Thanks to Ralf & Jan for doing it again. I think it was even better than 2008. Such a good mix of music and people. Britain should be jealous. See you in 2010!



10 thousand miles is a long long way from the scene you love, 10 thousand miles is a long long way to find out its all the same, … the music was superb, 60’s up tempo up front with a few 70’s thrown in from start to finish if you like your dancing that was the place to be, … i can’t get over how good the music was over the weekend really enjoyed the boat trip, …



… that was a just awesome weekend, I enjoyed every minute. Dave and I just came back … very tired, but very very happy. Thanks to Ralf and Jan, you’ve done a brilliant job, made us feel so welcome!!! I hope you are going to repeat that next year!!!



Crackin weekend!



… a fabulous weekend though, Ralf & Jan, you did the business!!! Thanks.

Dave Rimmer


… The city has a long tradition of a soul music scene along side the early german mod scene.
The Mandarin Kasino, legendary night club which has played a big part in the dance scene of the city for many years, used to host the Mojo Club back in the day. The venue comprises of three rooms, a club like main room, which was host to the northern line up.
A middle room where modern was played and a smaller room that worked as the crossover/r&b room on the saturday night only. People travelled from all over Germany for this first event, plus a fair few from the UK. On the friday the venue filled fairly quickly with about 600 through the door. Saturday had near 1000 coming throu the gate.
The main room was kicking right through, both nights. The crowd happy to dance to anything thrown at them, although everyone’s playlist was rooted in the 60s.
The modern room was bangin‘ on the friday night … both these rooms looked great, as they had once been a massive chinese restaurant. So altough fitted now with dance floors, systems and bars, all the original decor is still intact, making them look very cool and moody.
Then finally sunday and the boat trip. The boat was packed from 3pm to 9 when it finished. Docked every hour for some to join and others leave and spent it’s time travelling up the river, round old basins and some of the canals. That boat was rocking, in more ways than one, killer.
Fantastic weekend, great hosts, cool music, funky city. Got to do it again next year boys.

Dave „Ich bin ein Hamburger“ Thorley


My first visit to Hamburg (but I will return). The venue … Mandarin Kasino. very busy, great tunes played in both rooms … Saturday nighter was outstanding, I went in the Modern room to be with Dave Thorley and was on fire playing wonderful tunes, the crowd loved him … loads of Brits in the place it was like going to a local soul nighter… Sunday boat trip was … good fun. Thanks for a great weekender, we will return.



Hamburg what a great place to visit and with soul music thrown in, makes it special, couple of funny things for me was the guy working on a tanker who saw our little boat heard the music and promptly started dancing



I must congratulate the team for a brilliant well organised weekender, there was never a dull moment nicely rounded off with the boat trip.

John Weston


Fantastic weekend from start to finish, thanks very much Ralf and Jan. Definitely back next year.