DJs 2018

Keith Money (UK) // Paul Grant (Ireland) // Dani Herranz (Spain) // John Berchtold (Denmark) // Raphi Gruenig (Switzerland) // Ash Pederick (Denmark) // Marc Forrest (Berlin) // Matt Fox (Cologne) // Tom Blaue (Frankfurt) // Michael Sulz (Tübingen) // Inger (Hamburg) // Steff Christiansen (Flensburg) // Thorsten Dietsche (Hamburg) // Baster (Hamburg) // Steve Cato (UK) // Avril Lee & Ian Johnson (UK) // Roual Galloway (UK) // Lars Bulnheim (Austria) // Andy Reynard (UK) // Tolbert (Hamburg) // Jan Drews (Hamburg) // Ralf Mehnert (Hamburg)

Keith Money


Keith Money originally from Dundee on the east coast of Scotland, first dj’ed in a Soul Club in Edinburgh about 20 years ago. At the soul night were people from an All Nighter in Carlisle who asked him to play there and after that night he was asked to do lots of other places.

Some of his spins:

1. Roy Roberts – So much in love (Sugar)
2. Soul Brothers Inc – Teardrops (Salem)
3. The Four Andantes – Hipper than Me (Mo Do)
4. Rey Villers – Heaven Is My Witnesss (Ecbolic)
5. Oscar Perry – Is it hard to know (Unissued)
6. Robert Tanner – Tell me your name (Megatone)
7. Soul Incorporated – My Proposal (Coconut Groove)
8. Hytones – Runaway girl (Unissued)
9. The Young Ladies – Tired of running around (Stang)
10. Roy Roberts – I know what to do to satisfy you (Tina)

Keith played his records all over Europe and is a resident DJ at the 100 Club London, Cleethorpes Weekenders and Prestatyn Weekenders.


Keith Money aus Dundee, Schottland, legte vor etwa 20 Jahren erstmals in einem Soul Club in Edinburgh auf und wurde dort direkt für eine Veranstaltung in Carlisle gebucht. Seitdem spielte er seine Platten auf unzähligen Allnightern in England und auf dem Kontinent. Er gehört zu den regelmäßigen DJs im 100 Club London und auf den Weekendern in Cleethorpes und Prestatyn und wir freuen uns sehr, dass er in 2013 die Gäste im Gruenspan in Schwingungen versetzen wird.

Paul Grant

PAUL GRANT (Ireland / POW CITY soul club)

Paul Grant was seriously bitten by the vinyl bug over 20 years ago after discovering the strange world of Northern Soul through the Irish mod/scooter scene. His passion for hearing, discovering and collecting these records quickly turned into an obsession and he started dj’ing on a regular basis at soul events and scooter rallies around Ireland. This led to various guest spots at venues in Dublin, Wales, Belfast, Paris, London, Hamburg, Leeds, Burnley and Manchester (places that have inspired him and shaped his musical tastes over the years).
He currently co-promotes a monthly soul club in Dublin called “Pow City” and djs quite regularly in the U.K. He likes to spin a variety of styles in his current sets with an emphasis on gritty and uptempo sounds and he still has that passion to make every set count.
For him it was an absolute pleasure dj’ing at the Hamburg weekender Alldayer in 2014 and he is thrilled to have the opportunity to do so again this year.

5 current Favorite Spins

Rudy Love & The Company Soul – Suffering Wrath (Canyon)
The Sacred Four – Somebody Watching You (Champ)
Sam Dees – Soul Sister (Lo Lo)
Pervis Lee – You Don’t Care (Leeway)
Lucille Mathis – I’m Not Your Regular Woman (A-Bet)

Dani Herranz


I discovered the rare soul world in the mid-80s, through the Spanish Mod scene and the Kent compilations, which were a point-of-no-return in my life and marked the road to follow. Since then I have not been able to escape the obsession for vintage clothes, colourful shocks, Detroit 45s and niters in the middle of nowhere.

Promotion of events has been an important part of my life (it’s a dirty job but someone has to make it!!), the more well-known have been Autumn Mod Rally (90s), Big Thing (07–12) and SOMEDAY (14–18), the latter still up and running in Valencia (next date 21st April 2018, you should make it!), with my mate Alber Acedos.

In terms of DJing I will not bore you with a list of dos I have DJed in, just to say that I like to mix different tempos and sounds and rare/classic within the same set, focused into 60s, I try to follow some direction when I play (sometimes leading nowhere but hey!!, I try!!)

It will be an honour to play in Hamburg, I attended last year and I must say it impressed me big time,
these are some of my current plays:

Sugar Boy and The Shades of Black – Free Man (Shades)
Don & Ron – I’m So Sorry (White Cliff)
Arin Demain – Silent Treatment (Blue Star)
Toussaint McCall – Baby You Got It (Ronn)
The Shades – Hit It (Country Color)
The VIPs – Why Don’t You Straighten Up (Sands)
Paulette – Love You Babe (Contact)
Fortson & Scott – Sweet Lover (Pzazz)
Klicky Robinson – When I Wanna See You (Mode)
Paul Vann – One Track Mind (Chance)

John Berchtold


John started as a Funk/Hip Hop Dj 16 years ago in Copenhagen. He got more and more into the Sample-Soul and later gained interest for some of that old, noisy 50s R&B, Jump Blues, Doo-wop! Today he covers everything from Northern Soul, Garage, Ska/Rocksteady and 60s/70s Soul, picking his favorite tunes from each genre.

He organizes parties, such as Absalon Got Soul, Messed Up, Double Barrelled Soul Club and the Copenhagen Soul Weekender and also books Copenhagen’s best place for vintage music, Mesteren&Lærlingen.

He cannot wait for The Hamburg Weekender!

Raphi Gruenig

RAPHI GRUENIG (Switzerland)

Raphi Gruenig likes Soul music and Beer.

Raphi Gruenig mag Soul Musik und Bier.

Top Ten

Black Sugar – Too Late
Mixed Emotions – Gold Of My Life
Flame n King – Ho Happy Days
Storm – Can’t Nobody Love You Like You Do
Jewel Bass – Let Your Love Rain Down On Me
Major Lee Vincente – Let Me Take You Higher
Innervision – Gotta Find A Way Back Home
Starpoint – Do What You Wanna Do
Fir-Ya – Keep On Tryin
Crown Heights Affair – Come Fly With Me

Ash Pederick

ASH PEDERICK (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Australian gone walkabout now based in Copenhagen for the past year and a half has wasted no time in sharing his love for Soul… a driving force behind the Double Barrelled Soul Club & The Copenhagen Soul Weekender, Ash has been fortunate play his records all over the world. Some of his favourites include Nude Restaurant, Kobe JAPAN, NUTs Brighton Mod Weekender UK, Sophisticated Boom Boom – LA, Soul Rotissore – NOLA, Melbourne Soul Weekender AUS and has been involved in promoting several club nights back in his hometown Perth, Western Australia for the past decade. After attending the 10th Hamburg Soul Weekender he is thrilled to come back and share his taste in dancefloor driven sounds.

From the playbox …

El Corols Band & Show – Chick Chick (Tiny)
Carol Anderson – I’m Not Worried (Whip)
Billy Prophet – Is That What Livin’ Is For (Unissued)
Jimmy Moore – Church Street Sally (SPQR)
Tobi Lark – Sweet It Out In The Shed (Topper)
Al Gardner – Sweet Baby (Sepia)
Sam Ward – Sister Lee (Groove City)
Holy Disciples – Trying To Make A Hundred (Song Bird)
Tommy Tucker – Lightning Bug (Unissued)
Blues Busters – Ohh Baby (BMN)

Marc Forrest

MARC FORREST (Berlin / Hip City Soul Club)

Marc Forrest started DJing kind of accidentally at the former Mod Club Sigmundshof on New Year’s Eve 1986. He is regularly and exclusively playing soul music ever since as well as running the Hip City Soul Club Berlin since 1990. He almost went broke with the first German Soul Weekender which took place in 1990. He also did fanzines like “r&b time” and “Grapevine” as well as the radio shows “Soulful Shoes” (Radio 100) and “Harlem Shuffle” from the late 1980s to the mid 90s. After his first gig in London in 1991 he successfully played regular spots in Manchester, London’s 100 Club and the scandinavian soul nations Sweden and Norway.
“gimme two blocks line ’cause baby it’s r&b time”

Marc Forrest legt seit einem eher zufällig geborenen Engagement im damaligen Berliner Mod Keller Sigmundshof zum Silvesterfest 1986 regelmäßig und ausschließlich Soul auf. Seit 1990 veranstaltet er regelmäßig den Hip City Soul Club Berlin. 1990 trieb er sich beinahe mit dem ersten deutschen Soul Weekender in den Ruin. Bereits Ende der achtziger bis in die neunziger Jahre hinein kamen noch Fanzine Projekte wie etwa „r&b time“ und „grapevine“ wie auch eigene wöchentliche Radiosendungen wie „soulful shoes“ (radio 100) und „Harlem shuffle“ (MDR) hinzu. Nach dem ersten Gig in London 1991 hat er bereits erfolgreich regelmäßig in Manchester, Londons 100 Club und den skandinavischen Soulnationen Schweden und Norwegen aufgelegt.
„gimme two blocks line ’cause baby it’s r&b time“

Matt Fox

MATT FOX (Cologne)

Matt Fox hails from beautiful Cologne, Germany and loves soul music. Collecting for 20 years, his enthusiasm has never been greater! Music is his life and this is reflected in his love for all things soulful. Renowned for electric DJ sets, Fox collects and plays mainly 60s and 70s Northern, group harmonies, Crossover and Modern Soul, peppered with Funk, Gospel, R’n’B. Add in the groove of 80s Boogie and slower Steppers, a smattering of underplayed mid tempo acetates and unique feel good dancers that cover all the bases.

A dedicated digger, Fox goes far and wide in the hunt for OVO. His passion for digging on flea markets, record stores and diggin‘ trips make every bit of his soulful passion all the stronger. Starting with 50s –70s Jazz and late 70s & 80s Soul that was quite popular in Cologne back in the day, Fox’s collection reflects his varied and ever taste, access to records and the evolution of the scene.

The co-founder of Cologne’s »Soul City« (2010–2015), Fox has also played a number of nighters and weekenders across Europe and is a regular at the annual Dab Of Soul Weekender in Llandudno, North Wales.

Fox has publishing podcasts since 2008 (until today), in addition to his former radio show „Rare Rillen“. These can be found here:

Top 10

1. Archie Hodge – I Really Want To See You Girl
2. Paul Smith – I’ll Run
3. Ice – Reality
4. Harold Celius With Flex – Don’t Ever Break My Heart
5. I.J. Harris – All Ready To Go
6. Mildred Harrison – You’ve Got A Good Thing Goin’
7. Delores Howard – My Guy And I
8. Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour – Love Is Gone
9. Allison & The South Funk Boulevars Band – Pay Before You Lay
10. L.T. & The Soulful Dynamics – Crazy About You Baby

Tom Blaue

TOM BLAUE (Frankfurt)

The »beanpole from the north« with a big heart for the land of the franks has been bitten by the soul bug 20 years ago. Since then he turns his nights into day, whether in front of the decks, behind them or in search of the black gold. And although the order of the day are funky edged northern and crossover, he sees his coinage in sixties group soul. The main thing is that a song got heart, is danceable and rings in your ears for days after. This is also the highest priority for his own soul events, the Solid Soul Niters in Frankfurt.

The definitely greatest band on earth are The TSU Toronadoes, anyway, and who claims something else is a liar.


Little Soul – Problems
Limitations – All Because Of You
Specials – Baby You Need Me
Barrino Brothers – I’ll Take My Flowers Right Now
Colt 45s – Lady, Lady
Third Guitar – Lovin’ Lies
Locations – Mr. Diamond Man
Bobby Dixon – Woman You Made Me
Victor Green – Creole Girl
August Tide – Far Away Places

Der Lulatsch aus dem Norden mit ‘nem grossen Herz für’s Frankenland wurde vor 20 Jahren vom Soul-Bug gebissen und schlägt sich seitdem die Nächte um die Ohren, ob vor dem Pult, dahinter oder auf der Suche nach dem schwarzen Gold. Und auch wenn Funky-Edged Northern und Crossover das Gebot der Stunde sind, liegt die Prägung bei spätem Sixties-Group-Soul. Hauptsache es hat Herz, ist tanzbar und bimmelt Tage später noch im Kopf. Das ist auch Prämisse auf den eigenen Veranstaltungsreihen.

Die eindeutig großartigste Band der Welt sind sowieso die TSU Toronadoes. Und wer etwas anderes behauptet, lügt.

Michael Sulz


Born in the mid-seventies in Swabia and still resident Michael organizes, together with two fellow combatants, the regular Hit&Run Allnighter – a small but delicate event in the laid-back university town Tübingen.

For more than a decade he collects and spins everything that makes your legs move and over the years he has had guest appearances at the following soul events: Swiss Soul Weekender in Lucerne, Magic Potion (Munich), Upon my Soul (Dresden), For Dancers Only (Hamburg), Soulshakers Weekender (Bamberg) and Soul’d up (Berlin).

Momentane Lieblingstunes / current favourites:

Ivy Joe – I Can Feel The Pain (V.I.P.)
Brothers of Soul – Dream (Shock)
Angela Davis & The Magic Chevelles – My Love (Is So Strong) (Flaming Arrow)
The Specials – I Can’t Find Another (Satch)
Continental Showstoppers – Not Too Young (Seventy Seven)
The Constellations – I Didn’t Know How To (Gemini Star)
The Ringleaders – Baby What Happened To Our Love (M-Pac!)
Joe Bataan – Young Gifted And Brown (Uptite)
Bob Brady & the Concords – Goodbye Baby (Chariot)
The Intruders – You Better Check Yourself (Gamble)

Mitte der siebziger geboren in Schwaben und dort immer noch wohnhaft veranstaltet Michael mit zwei weiteren Mitstreitern in konstanter Regelmäßigkeit den kleinen aber feinen Hit&Run Allnighter in der beschaulichen Universitätsstadt Tübingen.

Gesammelt und aufgelegt wird seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt alles, was direkt in die Beine geht und über die Jahre hinweg war er Gast-DJ bei folgenden Veranstaltungen: Swiss Soul Weekender in Lucerne sowie in Deutschland unter anderem in München (Magic Potion), Dresden (Upon my SouL), Hamburg (For Dancers Only), Bamberg (Soulshakers) und Berlin (Soul’d up).


INGER (Hamburg)

Inger is DJ, record collector, host of a radio show, musician. She can be met regularly behind the bar of our favourite music bar in St. Pauli and also behind the counter of „Pure Soul Records“ where she intuitively gives recommendations that suit the customer’s taste.
For a couple of years she organized with two friends „Delicious Biscuits“, one of the first modern & disco niters in Hamburg. Since 2010 she is a part of the DJ collective „forty five degrees soul club“ and she is co-presenter of the Sweet Soul Alldayer „Nothing but a love thang“. At the Hamburg Soul Weekender Inger will put the heat on in the modern room.

Top 10:

Sonny Davis – Runnin (Sunkur)
Strivers Show Band – Love Episode (Strivers Records)
Nina Dunn – Stay and dance (Franco FD inc.)
Steel City Connection – Dansation (Jeree)
Oby Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life (Time)
Fats Gaines pres. Zorina – For Your Love (Avamar)
Sunny Gale – I Wanna Know (Disco-Soul)
Renee Geyer: Be There In The Morning (RCA)
Side Effect – Do You Believe (Gas Records)
Gil Scott-Heron – Willing (Arista)

Inger ist DJ, Plattensammlerin, Radiomacherin, Musikerin, steht hinter dem Tresen unserer Lieblingsbar und ist außerdem regelmäßig bei „Pure Soul Records“ hinter der Ladentheke anzutreffen, wo sie mit Kenntnis und Gespür die passendsten Empfehlungen gibt. Mit zwei Mitstreitern veranstaltete sie einige Jahre „Delicious biscuits“, einen der ersten Modern & Disco-Niter in Hamburg. Seit 2010 gehört sie zum DJ-Kollektiv „fortyfive degrees soul club“ und ist Co-Veranstalterin vom Sweet Soul Alldayer „Nothing but a love thang“. Beim Hamburg Soul Weekender wird sie den Modern Room zum Kochen bringen.

Thorsten Dietsche & Stefan Christiansen


Their love for old vinyl grew only recently, but very soon Stef Christiansen and Thorsten Dietsche were given their first opportunities for spinning their records to an audience. And they discovered that it is much more fun to do this together. In 2011 they founded the Cool Cat Club in Flensburg, which in the meantime has found it’s second home at the Komet Bar in Hamburg. Musically speaking the both of them are moving between 50s and 60s, mixing Rhythm & Blues and Popcorn with related sounds from this time. They are very happy to play their favourite R&B records once more at the Hamburg Soul Weekender No. 10.

Aus einer spät gefundenen Liebe zu altem Vinyl ergaben sich für Stef Christiansen und Thorsten Dietsche erste Gelegenheiten zum Auflegen und die Entdeckung, dass dies zu zweit viel mehr Spaß bringt. Es folgte vor 4 Jahren die Gründung des Cool Cat Clubs in Flensburg, der mittlerweile seine zweite Heimat im Komet in Hamburg gefunden hat. Musikalisch bewegen sich die beiden zwischen 50s und 60s, mischen Rhythm & Blues und Popcorn mit artverwandten Sounds aus dieser Zeit. Sie freuen sich riesig, mit ihren Lieblings-R&B-Platten Gast beim Hamburg Soulweekender Nr. 10 wieder dabei zu sein.


BASTER (Hamburg / The Cole Slaw Club)

In Hamburg he is well-known as former host and resident DJ of the “For Dancers Only” Allnighters and besides he owns a music-bar in St. Pauli called “Komet”. If he is not mixing drinks at his bar, he indulges himself in his passion for “oldie” music. Baster loves danceable R’n’B, he is looking forward to the Hamburg Soul Weekender and – according to his own proclamation – he fancies a “Schnaps” once in a while.

Baster’s favourite spins 2017:

billy hamlin – if you ain’t got no bread (Bethlehem)
willie west – willie knows how (Rustone)
barry white & the atlantics – tracy (Faro)
joe tex – pneumonia (King)
al michael & the capers – twist every which-kinda-way (Montel)
jeanette williams – I can’t wait (Terry)
louis hayward – going back to southland (Don-El)
georg jackson – tender lover (Doro)
little mack – tell her to come on home (El Saturn)
terry timmons – got nobody to love (RCA Victor)
little lila – the sotos brothers (Fredlo)

Baster wird gerade den Hamburger Gästen als ehemaliger Stamm-DJ der „For Dancers Only“ Allnighter und Inhaber der „Komet“ Musikbar auf St. Pauli bekannt sein. Wenn Baster gerade einmal keine Drinks mixt, geht er seiner eigentlichen Leidenschaft, dem Auflegen von „Oldie“ Musik nach. Er liebt tanzbaren R’n’B, freut sich sehr auf den kommenden Weekender in Hamburg und trinkt nach eigenem Bekunden gern Schnaps!

Steve Cato


Steve Cato started on the Mod/Soul scene in 1981 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. After dj’ing in back rooms of local pubs, he moved to Manchester in 1988 and began to do/promote Soul events. He is the co-promoter of Different Strokes nowadays, a Club that’s been running for 7 years and he is co-promoting the Manchester Soul Weekender.
He had the pleasure to DJ for the last 30 years around the U.K., at the European Soul scene plus Australia and the USA. He’s looking forward to a return to the Hamburg Weekender after a visit 6 years ago.

10 tunes

Terry Reid – Super Lungs
Johnny Davis – Crawl To Me
Roosevelt Roberts – Hooked On Your Love
Neil Reed – Got To Find A Way
Smokey Brooks – 7 Moods
Hamilton Movement – We’re Gonna Party
Bobby D Husband – Don’t Lose Faith
Ira Glover – Funky Woman
Richard Marks – Love Is Gone
El Anthony – We’ve Been In Love Too Long

Avril Lee & Ian Geordie Johnson


Avril Lee (Little Av)

»I love all genres of soul music, in particular 60s ballads, crossover, reggae and ska, I have continued to collect soul records since my early teens and have been a part of the soul scene ever since, originally influenced by the mod revival and scooter scene.

I was co-promoter and resident DJ at the Manifesto Soul Club, Yorkshire, which ran for 10 successful years playing across the board soul music. Since then I’ve DJ’d at various soul weekenders and soul nights in the UK and also Hitsville Soul Weekender, Mojacar.

An absolute honour to be asked to DJ at the alldayer at this years Hamburg soul weekender with my partner Ian Geordie Johnson.«

A few current plays from Avril’s box:

Sir Henry Ivy – He Left You Standing There
Just Bobby – I’m A Winner
Lee Williams & Cymbal’s – A Girl From A Country Town
Innersection – Let Me Love Yuh
Weldon Irvine – I Love You
Ella Woods – I Need Your Love
Sheila Ferguson – And In Return

Ian Johnson (Ian Geordie Johnson)

»My love of music and collecting records was influenced by my late father. My sister gave me my first soul record which was JJ Barnes Please Let Me In on Ric Tic in 1975 which I still have to this day, but collecting has taken on a more 70’s funkier style lately.

I started DJing in my cousins club »The Compass Club« in Whitley Bay in the early 1980’s, we had a Sunday soul night at a time when most of the scene had virtually disappeared in the UK and it had become a truely underground scene.
For 11 years I ran the “Friendship Pure Soul” night in Barnsley with my Friend Mark Whiteley, and we also ran the very successful modern room at the Metrodome Barnsley for 5 years regularly filling the modern room to capacity with modern soul afficianados at the 1000 capacity 2 room venue, also DJd at various UK soul weekenders and soul nights since the Late 90’s.

An honour to be asked to DJ at this years Hamburg Weekender alongside my partner Little Av.«

A few current plays from Ian’s box:

TSU Toronados – Please Heart Don’t Break
Wizdom – I’m So In Love With You
Trace Of Smoke – Treasure Mind
Garden Of Eden – Everybody’s On A Trip
Skye – Aint No Need
Fresh – You
Barbara Lynn – Mellow Feeling

Roual Galloway


London based northerner Roual Galloway co-owns the Love Vinyl record shop in Hoxton with friends. He also runs the Cordial Recordings label which is devoted to music with soul and crosses unreleased gems with quality re-issues alongside new recordings. Roual has been spinning as a DJ since the mid 1980s and is a collector all forms of black music.

10 today to go with

Bobby Thomas – Road Is Rough (Boblo) 7″
Mike & the Censations – There’s Nothing I Can Do (Highland) 7″
Larry Craig – Do It Again (Spirit) 7″
Between The Two – Take A Little Time (SDE) 7″
Kat Roberts – Stand Up For What You Want (Cordial) 7″
Ruby & The Mudflaps – Is That Enough? (Cordial) 7″
Timeless Legend – Everybody Disco (edit) (Love Vinyl) 12″
Mark IV – I Knew It Wouldn’t Last (Acetate) 7″
Afrodisia – Are We Free To Love? (Acetate) 7″
Garfield Fleming – Hustling (Cordial Mix) (Acetate) 7″

Lars Bulnheim


As former promoter and resident of the “Shelter Club” and “Soul at the Mandarin Casino” Hamburg’s local hero Lars Bulnheim, nowadays living in Austria, has his unique collection spinning for quite a few years now. But Lars is also a nationwide and even European constant, you will regularly find him on the line up of in-demand soul events such as the Nuernberg and the Rimini Soul Weekender, just to name two.

Though his musical focus is on 70s soul, excursions into the 60s are a natural part of his set. His magic touch in the selection of tunes and his feeling for the dancefloor guarantee exactly what a soul fan could wish for: danceable, stirring and soulful music!

Der Hamburger Lokalmatador Lars Bulnheim, neuerdings wohnhaft in Österreich, bringt seit vielen Jahren – vormals als Resident DeeJay und Veranstalter des „Shelter Clubs“ und „Soul at the Mandarin Casino“ – seine einzigartige Plattensammlung zum Rotieren. Aber auch überregional ist Lars seit langem eine feste Größe, regelmäßig findet man ihn im Line Up anspruchsvoller Soul Events wie dem Nürnberger und dem Rimini Soul Weekender, um nur zwei zu nennen.

Der musikalische Schwerpunkt liegt bei Lars auf Seventies Soul, Ausflüge zu den Sixties gehören aber selbstverständlich auch mit zum Programm. Das glückliche Händchen bei der Auswahl seiner Platten und das Gespür für den Dancefloor garantieren genau das, was man sich als Soul Fan wünscht: tanzbare, mitreißende beseelte Musik!


1) First Allnighter: WIGAN CASINO
2) Favourite Drink: BACARDI
3) Favourite Record: Seashells “Quiet Home”
4) Passion: (Record collecting) / Charity Soul committee member raising money for prostate cancer research through soul music events
5) Favourite Djs: Soul Sam / Dave Evison / Pat Bleasdale / Bob Snow

I’m a record collector of Mid tempo crossover soul and am delighted to be asked to do a set at The Hamburg Soul Weekender Alldayer.

TOLBERT (Hamburg)

Host of the Alldayer
Gastgeber des Alldayers

The Jan

JAN DREWS (Hamburg / For Dancers Only)


Ralf Mehnert