DJs 2014

DJs 2014

Mick H (England) // Dave Ripolles (England) // Henning Boogaloo (Switzerland) // Lars Bulnheim (Austria) // Marc Forrest (Berlin) // Michael Fuchs (Frankfurt) // Gerd Baum (Düsseldorf) // King Coleman Jr. (Recklinghausen) // Ada Loveshake (Hamburg) // Baster (Hamburg) // Jean Chanson (Hamburg) // The Jan (Hamburg) // Ralf Mehnert (Hamburg)

Mick H

MICK H (England)

Mick H got into soul music aged 13 around 1972 after being taken to a local soul night by Paul Robinson. Beeston Unity that was the start of a long soul venture which has took him djing from USA to Asia, Norway, Finland, Germany, Sweden., Spain. He co promotes the rare Lifeline Allnighters for the last ten years with his good bud Andy Dyson. As well as resident. Jock at Cleethorpes & Prestatyn and soulvation weekenders. Started collecting records at an early age still at school, first original was a demo copy of Pointer Sisters „Send Him Back“ in 74 – it took three weeks paper round money to save up for it, £10 was a lot of money in 74 for a record! Mick collects all soul 45s from rare 60s to 70s funk, beat ballads etc. Looking forward to his first Hamburg weekend in October.

Favourite all time top five
1) Eddie Parker – I’m Gone
2) Major Harris – Call Me Tomorrow
3) Nurons – All Of My Life
4) Combinations – What Cha Gonna Do
5) Parliaments – Don’t Be Sore At Me

David Ripolles


Dave Ripolles has been collecting Soul records of all genres since older friends introduced him to Northern soul in the mid 70’s. His first dj’ing experiences were in and around Manchester in the 90’s, usually as the warm up, largely playing odd and obscure crossover tunes. From there, the dj’ing bug had well and truly bitten and it was a short step to playing in numerous venues throughout the Midlands and North west of the Uk.
Playing two hour sets in the ‘House of Soul’ at the Prestatyn weekenders over a number of years enabled him to play a wide variety of different genres of music and lead to the style of sets that he likes to play today, mixing rare 70’s, Crossover, Modern and funky stuff alongside 60’s and even a touch of disco!
It was after one of these weekenders that he started to get asked to play at some of the European events and since that time Dave has played at the likes of ‘Black Seed’ in Turku, ‘Hip City’ Berlin; ‘Movin’ on’, Barcelona; ‘Oslo soul Experience’; ‘Soul Shakers ,‘ Bamberg’; The Rimini Soul Weekender, and he is currently a resident at the fantastic ‘Runaway Love’ Weekender in Asturias, in Northern Spain each September. Over the last year Dave has been a co promoter of a the monthly ‘Inner Circle Soul Club’ in Manchester, where a group of local likeminded collectors and Dj’s play their particular brand of Soul and funk to a packed and sweaty cellar bar.
This will be his first time in Hamburg and he is really looking forward to playing at what he knows to be one of the most highly respected of all the European Weekenders. To give you a flavour of types of things that you may hear in his sets over the weekend, here are a few from his current playbox …

Sag War Fare – Don’t Be So Jive
Power of Attorney – Changing Man
Nobody’s Children – Shadarp
The Notations – Now I Know
Sugar Boy and the Shades of Black – Free Man
The Leaders – It’s A Rat Race
Raphael Munnings – Sleep On, Dream On
Sugar Bear – I Love You So

Henning Boogaloo


Originally from Schleswig Henning moved to Lucerne (Switzerland) about 11 years ago. Shortly after he started regular local soul nights under the name Spin Club. As a yearly guest of the Dresden Soul Weekender and also some Soulnighters in Germany, Italy and Switzerland he made some experiences. Henning’s name “Boogaloo” doesn’t really fit anymore cause his favourite sound is funky crossover, but when he plays his 45s he looks as crazy behind the decks as a man dancing the boogaloo.

Ursprünglich aus Schleswig, zog Henning vor ungefähr 11 Jahren nach Luzern in der Schweiz. Dort startete er ziemlich schnell regelmäßige Soulnighter unter dem Namen Spin Club. Weitere Erfahrungen machte er als jährlicher Gast beim Dresden Soul Weekender und bei einigen Soulnightern in Deutschland, Italien und in der Schweiz. Hennings Name „Boogaloo“ passt eigentlich inzwischen nicht mehr, denn sein Lieblingssound ist mittlerweile funkiger Crossover – aber wenn er seine Singles spielt, wird er hinter seinen Plattentellern zum verrückt tanzenden Boogaloo Man.

Lars Bulnheim


As promoter and resident of the “Shelter Club” and “Soul at the Mandarin Casino” Hamburg’s local hero Lars Bulnheim has his unique collection spinning for quite a few years now. But Lars is also a nationwide and even European constant, you will regularly find him on the line up of in-demand soul events such as the Nuernberg and the Rimini Soul Weekender, just to name two. Though his musical focus is on 70s soul, excursions into the 60s are a natural part of his set. His magic touch in the selection of tunes and his feeling for the dancefloor guarantee exactly what a soul fan could wish for: danceable, stirring and soulful music!

Der Hamburger Lokalmatador Lars Bulnheim bringt seit vielen Jahren als Resident DeeJay und Veranstalter des „Shelter Clubs“ und „Soul at the Mandarin Casino“ seine einzigartige Plattensammlung zum Rotieren. Aber auch überregional ist Lars seit langem eine feste Größe, regelmäßig findet man ihn im Line Up anspruchsvoller Soul Events wie dem Nürnberger und dem Rimini Soul Weekender, um nur zwei zu nennen. Der musikalische Schwerpunkt liegt bei Lars auf Seventies Soul, Ausflüge zu den Sixties gehören aber selbstverständlich auch mit zum Programm. Das glückliche Händchen bei der Auswahl seiner Platten und das Gespür für den Dancefloor garantieren genau das, was man sich als Soul Fan wünscht: tanzbare, mitreißende beseelte Musik!

Marc Forrest

MARC FORREST (Berlin / Hip City Soul Club)

Marc Forrest started DJing kind of accidentally at the former Mod Club Sigmundshof on New Year’s Eve 1986. He is regularly and exclusively playing soul music ever since as well as running the Hip City Soul Club Berlin since 1990. He almost went broke with the first German Soul Weekender which took place in 1990. He also did fanzines like “r&b time” and “Grapevine” as well as the radio shows “Soulful Shoes” (Radio 100) and “Harlem Shuffle” from the late 1980s to the mid 90s. After his first gig in London in 1991 he successfully played regular spots in Manchester, London’s 100 Club and the scandinavian soul nations Sweden and Norway.
“gimme two blocks line ’cause baby it’s r&b time”

Marc Forrest legt seit einem eher zufällig geborenen Engagement im damaligen Berliner Mod Keller Sigmundshof zum Silvesterfest 1986 regelmäßig und ausschließlich Soul auf. Seit 1990 veranstaltet er regelmäßig den Hip City Soul Club Berlin. 1990 trieb er sich beinahe mit dem ersten deutschen Soul Weekender in den Ruin. Bereits Ende der achtziger bis in die neunziger Jahre hinein kamen noch Fanzine Projekte wie etwa „r&b time“ und „grapevine“ wie auch eigene wöchentliche Radiosendungen wie „soulful shoes“ (radio 100) und „Harlem shuffle“ (MDR) hinzu. Nach dem ersten Gig in London 1991 hat er bereits erfolgreich regelmäßig in Manchester, Londons 100 Club und den skandinavischen Soulnationen Schweden und Norwegen aufgelegt.
“gimme two blocks line ’cause baby it’s r&b time”


 Michael Fuchs


Musical revelation: 1987 Curtis Mayfield, playing live at St. Petri Church in Frankfurt/Main.
Since 1990 regular attendances at nightly competitive dancing events in North Britains’ former coal mining region, first as a guest, later also as a DJ.
Until 2002 co-promoter of the “Turnin’ Your Heartbeat Up” Soulweekender in Nürnberg.
Later on spent a couple of years in celtic exile, musically appearances at “Sleepless Nights” in Dublin et al.
Tonal home in 60s uptempo Northern Soul, also Crossover and Deep Soul.
Two and four quarter step. Punkrock. Apfelwein (Frankfurt’s version of cider). Kickers Offenbach.
Not married, no kids, no facebook friends.

Musikalisches Erweckungserlebnis: 1987 Curtis Mayfield live in der St. Peterskirche zu Frankfurt/M..
Ab 1990 regelmäßiger Besuch und später auch gelegentliches Gastspiel bei nächtlichen
Tanzsportveranstaltung in der ehemaligen Bergbauregion Nordbritanniens.
Bis 2002 Co-Promoter des „Turnin‘ Your Heartbeat Up“-Soulweekenders in Nürnberg.
Später einige Jahre im keltischen Exil, musikalisches Wirken u.a. bei „Sleepless Nights“ in Dublin.
Klanglich beheimatet im 60s uptempo Northern Soul, aber auch Crossover und Deep Soul.
Zwei- und Vierviertel-Takt. Punkrock, Apfelwein, Kickers Offenbach.
Nicht verheiratet, keine Kinder, keine Facebook-Freunde.


Gerd Baum

GERD BAUM (Düsseldorf)

Gerd discovered his record collecting gene as a school kid and got into soul music a few years later via a mix-tape of a mate. Not much later he was asked to DJ at a local club- night in his then home-town Hamburg due to having amassed a tiny collection of soul tunes. From then on the collection grew and from time to time he was asked to dj at soul events all over Germany.
Nowadays he is living in Düsseldorf where he is promoting the D-Town Soul Club and has been djing all over Europe at events like the Barsoulona Soul Weekender, Black Trefoil Soul Club Genova, Movin’on Barcelona, Spider’s Web Edinburgh, Roma Soul City, Aberdeen Northern Soul Club, Nowt But Northern Glasgow, Black Music Power Anniversary Florence, Allnighter Ducale Parma …
He enjoys travelling a lot and loves listening and dancing to other peoples choices as much as playing records himself.
Being asked to dj at the Hamburg weekender feels very special for him as it is coming full circle.
Some of his favorite spins:

Papa Bear & The Cubs – You’re So Fine – (Sms)
Sweets – Something About My Baby – (Soultown)
Mel Britt – She’ll Come Running Back – (Fip)
Foreign Blue Renaissance – Finding You –(Kohoutech)
Otis Lee – Hard Row To Hoe – (Quaint)

King Coleman

KING COLEMAN JR. (Recklinghausen)

247 Soulie since Edwin Starrs Live performance at the Aachen Scooter Dive 1991. Christopher Stukenbrock aka King Coleman Jr. had his disc jockey debut in the mid-90s at the Unique Club Düsseldorf. As a R&B DJ, he appeared at the Two Men from Linz, Kings and Queens, Purple Weekend, Orange Peel, Monkey Cave, The Horse, Okefenokee, Club Miaow, Salon Noir and many other gigs. In addition to his collecting mania for Funk & Blacksploitation, Salsoul, Exotica and everything Groovy, his secret passion also belongs to the Scooterist – Sound. His Soul Niter series „Get on Down“ was running over 3 years in the Ruhrgebiet area. As a rare 50s + 60s R&B DJ and collector applies his penchant especially the Mod R&B..

Top five 50s R&B:
Dewight “Spider” Turner – You´re Alone

Arthur Griswold – Pretty Mama Blues
Dale Cunningham – Too Young
Danny Cobb – My Isabella
Tommy Brown – Southern Women

Top five 60s R&B:
Willie J. Charles – Why do I cry

Jimmy Phillips – She belongs to me
Joe Williams – I started to run
Big Jack Raynolds – Make it up in your mind
Ike and Tina Turner – Strange

Top five Northern Soul:
Jimmy Braswell – Some changes made

Ernie Washington – Lonesome shack
Billy Kennedy – Sweet things
Magictones – How can I forget you
Emanuel Laskey – Sweet lies

247 Soulie seit Edwin Starrs Live Auftritt auf dem Aachener Scooter Dive 1991. Christopher Stukenbrock alias King Coleman Jr. hatte sein Disc Jockey Debüt Mitte der 90er Jahre im Unique Club Düsseldorf.
Als R&B DJ war er bei den Two Men from Linz, Kings and Queens, Purple Weekend, Orange Peel, Monkey Cave, The Horse, Okefenokee, Club Miaow, Salon Noir und vielen anderen Gigs. Neben seiner Sammelwut für Funk & Blacksploitation, Salsoul, Exotica und allem was Groove hat, gilt seine „heimliche“ Leidenschaft auch dem Scooterist-Sound. Seine Soul-Niter Serie „Get on Down“ lief über drei Jahre im Ruhrgebiet. Als rare 50s + 60s R&B DJ und Sammler gilt seine Vorliebe insbesondere dem Mod R&B.

Ada Loveshake

ADA LOVESHAKE (Hamburg / 45° Degrees)

Ada started DJing in the Mid 90ies. For a few years she did the label management for Hamburg based label Légère Recordings, which is mainly focussed on 60s and 70s styled contemporary bands. As part of the DJ double Come On Soul she co-compiled Come On Soul 1 and 2. These day she is part of 45 Degrees – girls are out to get you! – a regular allnighter with girls only on the decks.
Ada always plays different styles during her sets, 60s as well as 70s. Her heart beats strongly for Crossover though …

Ada hat Mitte der 90 Jahre angefangen aufzulegen. Einige Jahre lang war sie Label Managerin des in Hamburg ansässigen Labels Légère Recordings, welches hauptsächlich 60s und 70s beeinflusste zeitgenössische Bands veröffentlicht. Als Teil des DJ-Doppels Come On Soul co-compilierte sie Come On Soul 1 und 2. Dieser Tage gehört sie zu 45 Degrees – girls are out to get you! – ein regelmässiger Nighter in Hamburg, bei dem ausschließlich Mädels auflegen.
Ada spielt immer verschiedene Stile während Ihrer Sets, 60s sowohl wie 70s. Ihr Herz schlägt allerdings heftigst für Crossover …



BASTER (Hamburg / The Cole Slaw Club)

In Hamburg he is well-known as former host and resident DJ of the “For Dancers Only” Allnighters and besides he owns a music-bar in St. Pauli called “Komet”. If he is not mixing drinks at his bar, he indulges himself in his passion for “oldie” music. Baster loves danceable R’n’B, he is looking forward to the Hamburg Soul Weekender and – according to his own proclamation – he fancies a “Schnaps” once in a while.

Baster wird gerade den Hamburger Gästen als ehemaliger Stamm-DJ der „For Dancers Only“ Allnighter und Inhaber der „Komet“ Musikbar auf St. Pauli bekannt sein. Wenn Baster gerade einmal keine Drinks mixt, geht er seiner eigentlichen Leidenschaft, dem Auflegen von „Oldie“ Musik nach. Er liebt tanzbaren R`n`B, freut sich sehr auf den kommenden Weekender in Hamburg und trinkt nach eigenem Bekunden gern Schnaps!

Jean Chanson

JEAN CHANSON (Hamburg / The Cole Slaw Club)

Co founder of the regular nighter “Cole Slaw Club – a Rhythm & Blues Revue”.
Jean Chanson’s style varies between soulful Popcorn tunes and snotty Jump Blues – and still he has got a lot more in store.

Mitgründer des „Cole Slaw Club – a Rhythm & Blues Revue“.
Jean Chanson variiert zwischen souligen Popcorn-Nummern und rotzigem Jump Blues
– kann aber auch ganz anders.

The Jan

THE JAN (HH / For Dancers Only)


Ralf Mehnert